Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook (Workbook)


Part 1: Coming Unglued
1. Hitting The Slope: The Stages Of Divorce Recovery
2. Can This Marriage Be Saved?: The Separation/Reconciliation Struggle
3. You Can Book It: Biblical Insights About Divorce
4. There Oughtta Be A Law: Dealing With The Legal Issues
Part 2: Picking Up The Pieces
5. Single Again: Reentry Into The Single Life
6. Show Me The Money: Dealing With Your Finances
7. What’s That You Say?: Communication And Conflict
8. Everything You Always Wanted To Know About … : Sexuality For The Single Again
9. Pardon Me: Working Through Bitterness And Learning To Forgive
Part 3: Other Issues
10. Kids In The Middle: Helping Children Of Divorce
11. You’ll Never Walk Alone: Support Groups For The Separated And The Divorced
Article 1: Developing A Positive Self-Image
Article 2: Handling The Holidays
Article 3: There’s No Such Thing As An Ex-Grandparent
Article 4: Divorce And The Church
Appendix A. Action Points
Appendix B. Test-Retest Adjective Checklist
Appendix C. Marriage And Divorce Position Paper

292 Pages

Additional Info
Based on the authors’ personal experiences as well as the experiences of thousands who have benefited from the acclaimed Fresh Start Seminars, The Fresh Start Divorce Recovery Workbook is a total recovery program for anyone who faces a divorce or separation. Offering a Christian perspective, Bob Burns and Tom Whiteman discuss the typical stages of a divorce-on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level. The Bible-based insights included in this revised and updated edition will give you the practical tools you need to recover from the trauma of divorce and complete the journey toward wholeness after the painful breakup of a marriage. Questions, self-tests, exercises, and practical information will enable you to:


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Bob Burns | Thomas Whiteman
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 1998
Publisher: HarperChristian Resources

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