Eyewitness To Redemption Ruth


The book of Ruth gives us a glimpse into the personal journey of Ruth and her mother-in-law Naomi. The two widows struggled to survive in Bethlehem but eventually found refuge in God’s redeeming love. Ruth’s story gives us insight into our own stories. Her struggles remind us to persevere through our challenges. Her courage inspires us to trust God amid hardship. Ruth experienced God’s redeeming love. As an eyewitness to redemption, Ruth reminds us that we can all find refuge through faith in Jesus Christ-the greatest expression of God’s providential care for His people. Ruth was an eyewitness to redemption. Through faith in Christ, we, too, can be eyewitnesses to redemption as we find refuge in God’s redeeming love.

– In-depth 6-Week Bible Study in workbook format
– Emphasis on personal application
– Stirs the heart and engages the mind
– Presents truth with a balance of conviction and encouragement
– Generates rich, honest discussions among small groups


SKU (ISBN): 9781617155949
ISBN10: 1617155942
Mindy Ferguson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2023
Eyewitness Bible Studies
Publisher: AMG Publishers