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1. The Salvation Of Moses
2. The Commissioning Of Moses
3. Realization Focus On Isreal
4. The Commissioning Of Israel

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To whom does primary allegiance belong? To great human empires, or to the God whose elusive presence we can never fully grasp?

Waldemar Janzen offers a fresh approach to the book of Exodus. The liberation from Egypt is a prelude to Israel’s unique calling to model before the nations a new life of service under God.

Through the subtly prepared servant Moses, God wages a dramatic battle with Egypt’s ruler for the release of enslaved Israel. The watching Israel wavers: “Is the Lord among us or not?”

Even after Israel covenants to be God’s priestly kingdom and holy nation, Israel worships a golden calf. Once more God’s brace wrests Israel away, this time from slavery to doubts, fears, and self-centeredness. The people then focus faith on the imageless presence of God in their midst. God still wrestles for his people today.

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Waldemar Janzen | Editor: Willard Swartley | Editor: Willard Swartley
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2000
Believers Church Bible Commentary
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