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This 3-volume encyclopedia, produced by the Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, comprises 3,220 entries by a team of 266 scholars from 26 countries, covering 8 centuries of the Christian church and addressing such topics as archaeology, art and architecture, biography, culture, doctrine, ecclesiology, geography, history, philosophy, and theology. The Encyclopedia of Ancient Christianity includes: Unparalleled, comprehensive coverage of persons, places and ideas from ancient Christianity, including:cultural currentsevents and movementsphilosophyiconography and architecturearchaeologytexts and translations theological terms doctrines liturgy spirituality monasticism Christian sects heresies controversies councils A-Z coverage from “Aaron (iconography)” to “Zosimus, pope”3,220 articles by 266 contributors from 26 countries (and representing a variety of Christian traditionsChronological coverage extending from Christian origins to Bede (d. 735) in the West and John of Damascus (d. ca. 749) in the Greek EastDetailed emphasis on the first 4 centuries of Christian historyGeographical coverage includingNorth AfricaMauretaniaNumidiaAfrica Proconsularis ByzacenaLibyaEgyptNubiaEthiopiaAsiaAdiabeneArmeniaBithynia & PontusGeorgiaCappadociaLycia and PamphyliaPhrygiaSyriaMesopotamiaArabiaPalestinePersiaChinaEuropeGaulSpain & PortugalItalyGermanyBritain and IrelandScotlandPannoniaDalmatiaMacedoniaMoesiaThraceCyprusCreteUpdates and expands on previous Italian and English-language editions with the addition of more than 500 articles, including the following 30 articles exclusive to this new English-language edition:apostolic seeCapuaCarmen de synodo TicinensiChinacosmopolitanismdeathdiakonia/diaconateDialogi de sancta Trinitate IV-Vdoorkeeper (porter)dynamis/energeiaeternityforgivenessfreedom/free willgoodHierotheusincubatioinfinity/infinitudelibelli miraculorumloveMara bar Serapion (letter of)oikeiosisold agepresanctifiedSerapeion (Serapeum)subdeaconTheosebiaTriumphus Christi heroicusTychonunityVirgo ParensExtensive cross-referencing for ease in exploring related articlesHelpful bibliographies, including primary sources (texts, critical editions, translations) and key secondary sources (books and journal articles)Translated from Nuovo dizionario patristico e di antichita cristiane (2006-2008), produced by the Institutum Patristicum Augustinianum, the world’s foremost center for partristic studies, under the direction of Professor Angelo Di BerardinoUpdates and expand


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