Drama Games And Improvs


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Unit 1: Breaking The Ice
Unit 2: The Group Emerges
Unit 3: Look What We Can Do

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Everything you need to teach basic dramatic skills using improv games. A semester-long curriculum guide; if use with Improv Ideas by the same authors, there are enough games for a year’s work. Select from more than 134 games adaptable to all age groups. Within the book’s 30 units are 74 lessons covering all elements of drama. The lessons are structured sequentially with emphasis on group building. The guide helps you teach drama skills holistically. Students are unaware they are being taught many new skills with every lesson. This unique curriculum is the culmination of many years of evolution and testing. Clearly the most comprehensive and easy-to-use improv book available today.


SKU (ISBN): 9781566081474
ISBN10: 1566081475
Justine Jones | Mary Ann Kelley
Binding: Trade Paper
Publisher: Meriwether Publishing Ltd.