Doctrine According To Godliness


When the older youth or adults in a church have questions on Reformed theology, where do they go? To their busy pastor? To a lengthy book on dogmatics? Often searches for answers become to daunting to pursue. But not any more. With the publication of Doctrine according to Godliness, the average reader, late teens through senior citizens, members in the pew or officebearers, will have exactly the tool they need to get informed quickly.
The author has prepared short, easy-to-read explanations of more than 235 topics of Reformed theology. The sections are, amazingly, both comprehensive yet succinct, each only a page or two long. An index to the subject titles will allow the reader to find a title under any of its key words. The book makes an especially good resource for older young people in doctrine classes, for newcomers to the Reformed faith on domestic or foreign mission fields, and for those studying doctrine with a view toward church membership.

One would expect a book of this kind to be quite dry and tedious to read, but Doctrine according to Godliness is warm, personal, and has a definite devotional feel to it. “Fantastic!” said an elder who used it in manuscript form as enrichment for an “Essentials of Doctrine” class he taught for the youth at his church.

Here is a book to buy, keep, and use for a lifetime. Even those who are sure they know their doctrines from A-Z may be surprised at all the new insights they are sure to gain from it.


SKU (ISBN): 9780916206840
Ronald Hanko
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: 2004
Publisher: Reformed Free Publishing Association

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