Discovering The Real Jesus (Student/Study Guide)


1. Profits Or Prophets? (2 V 13-25)
2. Water For A Dry Soul (4 V 5-42)
3. Soul Food (6 V 1-35)
4. I Once Was Blind (9 V 1-41)
5. Eternal Life (11 V 1-44)
6. Death Isn’t The Last Word (19 V 1-37)
7. The End Of Doubt (20 V 1-31)

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Every Christian knows that Jesus is good news for everyone. Yet most of us struggle to share this good news with the people closest to us. Becky Pippert has spent years talking to people about Jesus and her experience shines through on each page of these seven Bible studies in John.

Discovering the Real Jesus has been designed to make it easy for any Christian to share their faith with friends and family. The expertly crafted questions are designed to open up conversations as you look at seven encounters with Jesus from the Gospel of John.

This flexible resource allows you to share your faith with one or more of your friends wherever they’re at spiritually and wherever you happen to meet up. All you need is a coffee and a copy of Discovering the Real Jesus for everyone. Even the Bible passages are included inside.


SKU (ISBN): 9781784980757
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Rebecca Pippert
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2016
Publisher: The Good Book Company