Directors Eye


Written by John Ahart. A comprehensive textbook for directors and actors. Can a theatre class textbook be both inspirational and informative? Yes! This holistic book on directing and acting does it all. Students will keep it as a lifelong career reference on how to make things work. Written subjectively, it’s based on nearly a half-century of teaching and directing. A text that compels involvement in all layers of creating memorable theatre. Thirty-five chapters in seven sections with assignments and convenient section summaries make a complete semester course. This text is far more than “how-to”, it’s a narrative about artistic discovery. Experientially it reveals how to jolt lagging imaginations into an ensemble of lively and invloved performers. Adaptable for use by student directors and actors from secondary to graduate level. Recommended by leading theatre educators as the text they’ve been waiting for. Sample chapters include: The Nature of Theatre, Finding Dramatic Action, Pinter Sketches, Rehearsal Rhythm, Memorization, Scenes from “Waiting for Godot”, Introduction to Style, Comedy Nuts and Bolts, Theatrical Space. John Ahart is Professor Emeritus of Theatre, University of Illinois. As Artistic Director of Illinois’ Theatre of Lincoln and the American Experience he was the subject of a PBS documentary and has received numerous citations

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SKU (ISBN): 9781566080712
ISBN10: 1566080711
John Ahart
Binding: Trade Paper
Publisher: Meriwether Publishing Ltd.