Desperate Pastors Wives


Four pastors’ wives. All desperate for something.

Is it possible that their desperation will lead to hope?

Mimi, Lisa, Jennifer, and Felicia all live in the fishbowl of Red River, Ohio. Everyone expects something from them. Gourmet casseroles. Perfect husbands. Well-behaved children. They expect even more of themselves.

The constant demands and always-ringing phones are enough to drive any sane woman crazy. Add to all that the condescending Katherine Fleming Katt — self-promoting pastor’s wife of the town’s largest church — who loves to flaunt her superior position. In the midst of such chaos, will each woman find the one thing she longs for?

When the unflappable Kitty Katt starts showing up at odd places, the four friends get suspicious. Is Kitty hiding something? What secrets lie behind her “perfect” exterior? But even more significant than unraveling Kitty Katt’s secrets is finding answers for themselves.


SKU (ISBN): 9781582296326
ISBN10: 1582296324
Ginger Kolbaba | Christy Scannell
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2007
Secrets From Lulus Cafe
Publisher: Howard Books

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