Debt Free Spending Plan


Anyone suffering under the crushing weight of debt knows how impossible it can seem to find a way out. It’s overwhelming-and the more complicated the proposed solution, the harder it is to stick with it. That’s why The Debt-Free Spending Plan is SIMPLE. It doesn’t require sifting through chapters of high-minded financial advice or digging up your past spend ing history. It assumes you need help RIGHT NOW, and gives it to you. You will learn to: * Downsize expenses without feeling deprived * Allocate money as it comes in and put together an easy-to-manage bill-paying plan * Adjust for inevitable overspending * Pay off debt without gouging expenses and (believe it or not) start saving The plan is clear, easy, and takes just five minutes a day-and it doesn’t matter if you make $14,000 or $14 million. With straightforward daily spending strategies and effortless expense tracking tools, you will soon find yourself on the road to financial freedom-all before the next billing cycle.

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SKU (ISBN): 9780814432433
Joanneh Nagler
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: 2012
Publisher: AMACOM – Harper Collins Publishers

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