Couple Therapy : A New Hope Focused Approach


Why You Need This Book
Part I: A Theory Of Change
1. Wanted: A Wise And Humble Counselor
2. A Sensible, Tested, And Effective Approach To Helping Couples
3. Make Therapy A Positive Growth Experience For Couples
4. Addressing The Couple’s Context

Part II: Beginning Counseling
5. Pre-counseling Interventions
6. The Intake
7. After The Intake

Part III: Case Studies In Treatment Planning
8. The Wounded But Hopeful Couple
9. The Cool Virtues Couple
10. The Enrichment Couple
11. The “Should We Marry?” Couple
12. The Complicating Factor Couple
13. The Couple With A Psychological Disorder
14. The High Conflict Couple
15. The “Accept The Things I Cannot Change” Couple
16. The Kitchen Sink Couple

Part IV: Interventions Within The Sessions
17. Session Management In The Hope-focused Couples Approach To Counseling
18. HOPE Interventions (Handling Our Problems Effectively)
19. BOND With Me: Bind Our Nurturing Devotion
20. Addressing Hurts In Relationships
21. Forgiving And Reconciling Through Experiencing Empathy (FREE)
22. Reconciliation And Rebuilding Trust With Couples

Part V: Conquering The Difficulties You’ll Face
23. Assessing Change Throughout Treatment
24. Resistance And Roadblocks
27. Pornography Use And Internet Sexuality

Part VI: Concluding Treatment Using The Hope-Focused Couples Approach
28. Termination
29. Post-Counseling Check Ups
30. It Works, But Is It True?

Additional Info
Following on the heels of the successful Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling, Jennifer Ripley and Everett Worthington Jr. have written a new book that expands upon their previous theoretical approach while describing in detail many new practical interventions for couple counseling and enrichment. Weaving together classic cases outlined in Hope-Focused Marriage Counseling and over 75 brand new practical interventions, Ripley and Worthington root their practical examples in an even deeper theoretical framework and research in attachment and intimate bonds. Written with the couple counselor in mind, this book occupies a rare niche that is accessible not only to therapists and counselors but also to pastors and married couples alike. Both licensed clinical psychologists and experienced counselors, the authors base this follow-up work on the pillars of their Hope-Focused Couples Approach. The assessment tools included help facilitate improved marriages in many settings, and the combination of theory and real-life case studies easily integrates into the practices of professional counselors and researchers as well as into the lives of couples.


SKU (ISBN): 9780830828579
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Jennifer Ripley | Everett Worthington
Binding: Cloth Text
Published: September 2014
Christian Association For Psychological Studies
Publisher: InterVarsity Press