Catholic Parents Survival Guide



Raising a Catholic family is never easy, especially not when it comes to discussing our faith with our children. Despite trying our best, sometimes we all need help addressing issues of faith respectfully, honestly, and accurately.

Written by Julianne Stanz, bestselling author, catechist, lay church leader, and mother of three, The Catholic Parents’ Survival Guide is a practical manual for talking with children about how to navigate life through the lens of the Catholic faith.

Featuring an accessible question-and-answer format, Julianne not only equips readers with tools to help explain Catholic beliefs, ethics, morality, and faith practices, but she also prepares us for how to deliver this information in a manner that will resonate with children. She addresses such questions as:

*Who is God?
*What is the Holy Spirit?
*What happens if you miss Mass?
*What happens after we die?
*Does God answer prayers?
*What will we do in heaven?
*Why do Catholics pray to Mary?
*Why can’t women become priests?

In addition, each chapter includes key takeaways, notes for reflection, recommended resources, and tips for putting these insights into practice. The Catholic Parents’ Survival Guide provides reliable information about the Catholic faith and parent-tested methods for sharing it with children.


SKU (ISBN): 9780829455175
ISBN10: 0829455175
Julianne Stanz
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: June 2023
Publisher: Loyola Press