Camels Story : A Search For The Messiah


A CAMEL”S STORY, is an Interactive picture story for all ages. The first book of the trilogy is ‘ Search for the Messiah.’ In this story the Magi’s search for the ‘new king’ is told by his camel, Xavier, who is more than just a little spoiled. The camel”s perspective makes it fun and adds new dimension to the age old story. When Xavier was chosen as the pack animal he was not happy. After all, he was his master”s favorite racing camel not a ‘common mule’! He didn’t give a ‘camel’s whine’ about any old star! You will laugh and cry with Xavier as you relate to his doubts and frustrations during the search as well as the dilemma he faces at the journey”s end.
Author, Sandy Hanson, intertwines facts and Biblical truths in optional reading beneath the camel”s story to pose a question each of us must ask ourselves, ‘Who is Jesus Christ ‘? Will we choose to worship him or not?

Artist, Kristi Delage, brings life to the author’s rough sketches. She skillfully captures the drama of each scene with her water color pencils. We hope these stories will be used to pass the foundation of our Christian heritage to our children and to the world. May God bless each and every one who is touched by these stories.


SKU (ISBN): 9781612158204
ISBN10: 161215820X
Sandy Hanson | Illustrator: Kristi Delage | Illustrator: Sandy Hanson
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: March 2012
Publisher: Xulon Press

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