Book Of Service


The Book of Service is a compilation of the personal journal entries of Thaylor Iron Rope’s journey with Christ. People cannot better express themselves than by attaching a pen to his or her thoughts. Paul, one of Thaylor’s favorite apostles, expressed his thoughts and inspirations from God through the power of writing. His writings, as well as the other gospel writers, are continuously studied and pondered. Thaylor Iron Rope’s daily journal entries were made over the past couple of years and subsequently assembled into categories and chapters. Some of the entries come out of distresses or contentment in how he was treated, or how others are regarded with contempt, love, empathy, or even hatred. This is a heartfelt book filled with honest feelings and insights as Thaylor Iron Rope grows in the Word and in his experience in the Christian walk.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781632327840
ISBN10: 1632327848
Thaylor Iron Rope
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: November 2014
Publisher: Redemption Press

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