Bible Counseling : Equipping Christians For Evangelistic Counseling


Yes, the twenty-first century is now here, and along with it, the pressures and stresses of life have grown immeasurably. Marriages are pummeled on every side; the divorce count is rising; we see an increase in the number of victims of sexual and physical abuse. Pastors are inundated with requests for counseling. What is the church’s solution? Should churches send their people to secular sources for “professional” help? Or does God have a different solution? This book is a foundational wealth of resources to train everyone in the church to apply biblical truth in a practical way to overcome the problems they face. BIBLE (Biblical Insights for Basic Living Everyday) counseling is an effective method that uses basic Bible truths about God to transform people’s emotional, mental, and spiritual states, bringing them back to the root of their faith and confidence in the God who created them.


SKU (ISBN): 9781594670817
ISBN10: 1594670811
Doug Mallett | Debra Read
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2003
Publisher: Xulon Press

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