Better Story : God Sex And Human Flourishing


The architects of the sexual revolution won over the popular imagination because they knew the power of story. They drew together radical new ideologies, often complex and hard to grasp, and melded them into the simpler structure of narrative. Crucially, they cast narratives that appealed to the moral instincts of ordinary, decent people.This moral vision overwhelmed the church and silenced its faltering apologists.The author argues that if Christians still believe they have have good news in the sphere of sexual ethics, then two big tasks lie ahead. Our first priority is to work out what has gone so badly wrong, both in our understanding and application of what the Bible teaches and the way we have presented our case to the non-churched. And then we must offer a better story, one that fires the imagination with such force that people will say, ‘I want that to be true.’This book offers a confident, biblically rooted moral vision which needs to be shared with prayer and courage.


SKU (ISBN): 9781783594467
ISBN10: 1783594462
Glynn Harrision
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: September 2017
Publisher: SPCK

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