Awesome Journey : Lifes Pilgrimage


Drawing on a lifetime of Christian pilgrimage, David Adam reflects on biblical encounters with the divine and offers profound insights – on grief and glory, emptiness and fulfilment; repentance and forgiveness; loving and being loved – that will transform the way we live, and the way we relate to God, here and now. For example, God’s question to Adam, ‘Where are you?’ is relevant to us all; Abraham’s long journey of hearing and obeying (and learning the art of having no agenda) is ours too; Jacob’s great discovery – that heaven is found on earth and earth is raised to heaven – helps us become aware that we often already possess what we think we’re searching for; Moses’ desert experiences of grief and glory encourage us that we journey forward to the Promised Land, while Elijah’s powerlessness reminds us that God often calls us out of darkness and weakness, for we may need stillness to hear him. Written by a best-selling author – and distinguished spiritual director – with a proven track record. Inspires in us – through Bible passages, story, poetry and meditation – a sense of awe for the journey we are on and the courage to live life in abundance. The understanding that God is ‘as pervasive and perceptible as the atmosphere in which we are bathed’ (Teilhard de Chardin) comes through in all David’s writing, and his confidence and delight in the nearness of God is surely one of the reasons his books are so popular.


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David Adam
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: July 2015
Publisher: SPCK

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