Amos The Philosophical Churchmouse


Living under a church pew can give you an interesting-and enlightened-view of Christianity – just as long as it doesn’t resemble what Amos calls, “church-ianity.” Amos is a mouse, but he doesn’t merely wander about, searching for communion crumbs. Amos is a philosopher, and he has plenty of time to consider the meaning of it all, especially since he also has plenty of opportunity hearing about the wisdom of life in Jesus. Amos is not just a philosopher; he is also a poet. Although he has some difficulty using a keyboard (he’s not fond of capital letters or punctuation marks), he has important things to discuss. In “Amos Meets an Agnostic,” the clever mouse tries to share his view of faith in God. “Life in the Pit” challenges us to realize that even bad days can be redeemed as part of God’s intended purpose. Amos adores free verse, almost as much as he loves talking about Jesus. He tackles everyday emotions, theological concepts, biblical issues, and current topics with the help of his church pew pals. When your house is beneath a church pew, you must retain a certain amount of wit to get by. Amos the philosopher has it, as well as an intelligent, Christian perspective on a world filled with dark corners, trap-door spiders, and lurking alley cats.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781632325402
ISBN10: 1632325403
Gary Mitchell
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: August 2015
Publisher: Redemption Press

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