Always Open : Being An Anglican Today


Seventy million assorted individuals comprise a church family that is renowned for its rich diversity. Christians of all shades of belief together make up the Anglican Communion, a fellowship of churches that extends around the world and includes the Episcopal Church in the United States. At its best, the spirit of openness that marks this fellowship is a sign of openness to the Holy Spirit. Few Anglicans would presume to have “arrived” spiritually, and the door is always open to all who are seeking God.

Whether you are a “cradle” Episcopalian or are exploring the denomination, Always Open is an excellent introduction to Anglican beliefs and practices. Down-to-earth and good humored, Always Open explains the essentials of the Anglican approach to authority, the Bible, social and moral questions, dialogue with people of other faiths, and much, much more.


SKU (ISBN): 9781561012596
ISBN10: 1561012599
Richard Giles
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: January 2005
Publisher: Cowley Publications

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