Acting For Life


By Jack Frakes. A textbook on acting. Of all the arts, drama — with its exploration of human characters and relationships — is closest to everyday life. This textbook emphasizes this connection, presenting the fundamentals of drama and acting techniques in the context of ordinary experiences and interactions. The material is arranged sequentially especially with the drama teacher in mind. Subjects progress from basic stage and acting terminology to more advanced lessons on acting theories. Each chapter includes exercises, activities, and discussion questions carefully selected to reinforce the text. Excellent for use with both advanced as well as beginning acting students. Five parts: Basic Acting Skills, Preparing to Perform a Scene, Techniques in Character Development, The Playscript, and Film Acting. Paperback.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781566081078
ISBN10: 1566081076
Jack Frakes
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: October 2005
Publisher: Meriwether Publishing Ltd.