9 Miles To Nowhere


America has suffered bleeding many times during its young history, but none so tragic and as miserable as that which occurred during the Civil War. The country was torn apart, sometimes creating wounds that never healed.

This is a story of that era, when the Williams family decided to depart Swansea, Wales, and make their home in America. This story, some fact and some fiction chronicles the history of how the Williams family made its way to Meade County, Kentucky.

This tumultuous journey will take you through their connection with John Hunt Morgan and his “Raiders” and of his “right hand man”, Captain John Mac, and how each affected the Williams family. Discover the hardships of a house divided by slavery and the calamities involved with living in a border state, such as Kentucky, during the Civil War. Witness the family as they observe neighbor fighting against neighbor and the loss of loved ones at the wage of the war. Directly experience the Captain’s personal tragedy on the river, during one of the battles. This is truly a story about a family, state and country finding recovery and hope after the onslaught of the Civil War.


SKU (ISBN): 9781498400565
ISBN10: 1498400566
Dan Williams
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2014
Publisher: Xulon Press

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