2 Peter And Jude


“Here is another work in a series by Dr. D. A. Waite on books of the Bible. This treatise on 2 Peter and Jude cuts through the misunderstanding of critical biblical doctrines, like all of his other books; and presents in easy to understand language, very important teachings such as: What causes a believer to be unfruitful, how to keep from falling, geocentricity, the origin of God’s Words, what these books say about preservation of God’s Words, heresies, sodomites, the destruction of death by Christ, and many other important and significant doctrinal issues. Dr. Waite’s books have sold by the thousands. Why not pick up a copy and see why?” H. D. Williams, President, The Old Paths Publications.

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SKU (ISBN): 9781568481081
ISBN10: 156848108X
D. A. Waite
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: April 2016
Preaching Verse By Verse
Publisher: Old Paths Publications

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