10 Things Every 10th Grade Girl Should Know


Tenth grade is a lot like that last emergency drill before life taps you on the shoulder and says, “It’s time.” Although you are still a minor, the next two years will require you to take on more responsibility and to make bigger decisions. Now is the time to mentally prepare yourself for the whirlwind ahead because after tenth grade, things begin moving very quickly. Between now and your senior year, several hallmark events await you, such as taking senior pictures, getting your class ring, going to prom, ordering your cap and gown, and finding a way to pay for it all. Before you know it, you will be eighteen, graduating, and embarking on a whole new level of life. If you are not prepared, your final years of high school will leave you dazed, confused, and wondering what just happened (not to mention broke).

“10 Things Every 10th-Grade Girl Should Know” discusses the top ten things that affect the lives of young women ages 15-17 from a Biblical perspective without hiding behind political correctness. It is real talk for real times. Use it as a guide to avoid the common mistakes that many teen girls tend to make during this particular season of life. You may not be able to completely avoid having emotional baggage when you are done reading, but you can at least have a 2-carry-on limit.


SKU (ISBN): 9781609572174
ISBN10: 1609572173
Savannah Taylor
Binding: Trade Paper
Published: May 2010
Publisher: Xulon Press

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